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Circuit Fact Friday

  1. Friday, August 25, 2023:  The last day of the circuit program point year is Sunday, November 12, 2023. You can still accumulate points after your circuit's championship show. Continuing to show to the end of point year will help you in your circuit's year end standings and will help you to qualify for the National Circuit Championships that will be held in April 2024.

  2. Friday, September 1, 2023:  Mark your calendar for the 2023 NCHA National Circuit Championships! Join us April 3 – 14, 2024, in the Watt Arena of the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, to earn over $300,000.00 in cash and prizes! 

  3. Friday, September 8, 2023:  Starting in the 2024-point year, joint circuit approval will be removed from the National Circuit Program. 

  4. Friday, September 15, 2023:  Circuit program points are awarded at BOTH NCHA Challenger shows and NCHA Weekend Championship shows. Both, Championship and Challenger show exhibitors are eligible for circuit awards and qualifications for their local circuit championships and the National Circuit Championships. 

  5. Friday, September 22, 2023:  Two circuits will be added in the 2024-point year! We are pleased to announce the addition of the Upper Midwest Circuit and the Ozark Circuit! Click here to see the 2024-point year circuit map. 

  6. Friday, September 29, 2023: There are TWO ways to qualify for the #NationalCircuitChampionships2023:
    1. Be a class champion or reserve champion at your local circuit championships


    2. Be a top-ten finisher in your class in your circuit’s year-end standings

  7. Friday, October 6, 2023:   Don’t forget, circuit assignments automatically reset at the start of each point year to your home address on file at the NCHA office! The 2024-point year starts December 28, 2023. You must email the office to designate you and/or your horse’s 2024 circuit designation. 

  8. Friday, October 13, 2023:  Mark your calendar for the 2024 NCHA Weekend June 1 - 2! 

  9.  Friday, October 20, 2023:  A competitor does not have to show at their local circuit championships to be eligible to qualify for the National Circuit Championships.

  10. Friday, October 27, 2023:  When a member designates themselves in a different circuit, other than their automatically assigned home circuit, the horse(s) they show need to be designated, as well. A horse's circuit designation does not automatically change with the owner's circuit designation. Email the NCHA office with you and your horse's circuit designation. 

  11. Friday, November 3, 2023:  All circuit program participants continue to earn points towards year end standings and National Circuit Championships qualification until November 12, 2023, not just the top 30 that qualified for their local circuit championships show.

  12. Friday, November 10, 2023:  Competitors at the 2023 NCHA World Finals will not affect the invitation list for the National Circuit Championships. If a world finalist is also in the top ten circuit year end standings, invitations will not extend further down into the year standings to fill all ten qualifying positions.


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