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What is the National Circuit Program? 

The National Circuit Program has 14 circuits where cutters compete for points at every weekend competition approved by NCHA. The points will be tracked by NCHA and used for circuit standings and circuit final qualifications. At the end of the circuit point year, all 14 circuits will host a NCHA Circuit Finals where the top 30 in each class will be invited to compete. 


Does this program replace the current Championship Weekend show/ World Finals structure?

No. This program does not change the current World Finals structure. The National Circuit Program was created in addition to the World Finals structure and provides another opportunity for competitors to earn titles and awards. Championship Weekend Shows now offer competitors two ways to earn recognition: points towards circuit standings and money for the world standings, all at the same shows in the same classes!


Challenger vs Circuit - what is the difference? 

Shows that are not approved as Championship Weekend shows still offer the ability to earn points.  For 2023, the shows remain Challenger shows.  Entry level competitors are still able to earn points towards qualifying for their circuit finals while still offering an affordable and simple show structure. All NCHA weekend shows (Championship and Challenger) are now point earning circuit shows! 


I don't usually show where I live, can I earn points in a different circuit?

Yes! Members will be automatically designated to a circuit by the address listed on their NCHA membership renewal, but they can select a different circuit if they do not compete where they live. Members will be limited to earning points in one circuit to provide cutters with the best opportunity for success.


Does this program change any show fees?

The $2.00 National Championship fee that exhibitors currently pay has been replaced with a $3.00 National Circuit Fee. This $3.00 goes back to each of the circuits to use for both year-end standing awards and for awards at the Circuit Finals, similar to World Finals Champion versus World Finals Show Champion awards. Additionally, this $3.00 will be used as subsidies to help finance each of the 14 Circuit Finals. 


How were the circuits drawn?

NCHA looked at the travel patterns of NCHA members around North America to see their natural competition boundaries.  This knowledge was paired with historical data from NCHA-approved events including the number of entries, approved shows and members within the hypothetical lines to form 14 circuits in the areas that cutters were already competing in.

 These lines will be a continual work in progress as the program is established. Every two years, a review of these lines will take place to ensure that the natural competition patterns of our members are being accurately reflected in the circuit map.


Who will produce each of the 14 circuit finals?

NCHA affiliates play a pivotal role in understanding NCHA member needs in their circuit. Because of that, the selection process will begin with the affiliates within each of the 14 NCHA circuits. We ask that our affiliates nominate an independent show producer, an affiliate, or a group of affiliates to host this event. The NCHA staff will gather nominations and work with the local affiliates to select the event’s producer.


How will this program impact the youth? 

The youth point year starts June 1st and runs to May 31st. The top 30 in the point standings at the end of the youth point year will be invited to their Circuit Finals. Since the 2022 Youth point year has already started, this qualification process will begin in the 2023 point year.

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