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So, you want to be an NCHA Judge

The National Cutting Horse Association Judging Department is committed to providing well-trained judges for all NCHA-sanctioned cutting horse contests. Those NCHA members wishing to become judges must complete a rigorous training program and subsequent refresher clinics on the proper interpretation and application of the rules for judging cutting horse events in order to be considered a certified NCHA judge.

Certified judges are rated AA, AAA or AAAA, with the latter being the highest category. These ratings depend upon earnings and the number of events an individual has judged. 

The process to become a judge starts with asking yourself a few questions:

  1. Are you at least 19 years of age?
  2.  Have you been an active member of NCHA continuously for the last five (5) years?
  3.  During the last 3 years, you have NOT been suspended, put on probation or reprimanded by the Association?
  4.  During the last 3 years, have you been an active competitor in NCHA approved events?
  5.  Do you meet the Lifetime Earnings requirement:
  6.       a) have at least $10,000 in lifetime earnings and live in the United States / Canada?
          b) have at least $2,500 in lifetime earnings and live outside the United States / Canada?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you could start the process of becoming an NCHA judge.

Application Components - All Required Documents in One PDF File - Click Here

Links to the individual items contained within the above PDF

-> Application Checklist - For Applicant Reference Only - Will be completed by NCHA staff.
-> Application with signature and required Director Endorsement signature)
-> Code of Ethics (requires signature)
-> Open Book Test - you must score 80%
-> Letter of Reference (3 required) - must be completed and returned to NCHA by the individual completing the form - NOT the applicant.

Send the application and all of the items outlined on the checklist to the NCHA Judging Department - and You're On Your Way!

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