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Judge Evaluation / Official Protest Form

NCHA members can use this form to commend a judge for an outstanding job, request a Spot Check of a judge's placings or file an official protest. 

Monitored LAE Event Judge Challenge System Form

The Challenge system gives a contestant the opportunity to challenge a judging decision.  When all five judges call the same major penalty, the contestant can request a review on their run. Only the contestant can challenge their own run.

The challenge cost is $1,000 and must be submitted by a completed form and payment to the show management prior to the start of the next go-round.  In the event the challenge occurs from a final, the challenge must be submitted to show management before the awards ceremony for that final has begun.

If the challenge proves to be legitimate, then the contestant will be refunded their $1,000. If it is not, and the judges leave their original ruling, then the NCHA will retain the $1,000.  If the contestant’s score is changed by the judges and is high enough to advance to the next go-round, it will advance and work in its pre-drawn position. The extra horse will be added into that round, but the bubble score required to advance to the next round will never be changed. If the next round is a semifinals or finals round, the contestant will be hand-drawn into the round, never changing the bubble score.

 Both monitors and all five judges will review all challenges submitted.



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