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Non-Pro / Amateur Application

This form is only for members that are wishing to apply for Non-Pro / Amateur status or wish to make a change to their existing status.
To renew your membership - follow this link.

2024 Printable Non-Professional / Amateur Application PDF


As a Non-Pro what can I do?

In regard to remuneration, as a Non-Pro you may:

  • share expenses while hauling, i.e. gas, lodging, food, etc.
  • accept a horse from anyone provided there is no pre-arranged agreement to return the horse to its prior owner
  • buy a horse based on installment payments, provided a fixed amount is stated and paid. A copy of the written sales agreement must be provided to NCHA and needs to state the name of the horse, the sale price, payment dates and amounts and the date of final payment.
  • receive compensation for judging cutting horse contests and other horse show classes
  • board horses in your barn and provide cattle for training; however, you may not work the boarder’s horse on cattle in any arena, pen or pasture, or on a cutting device
  • endorse products publicly as long as you receive no remuneration, pay all of your own expenses and keep any logo modest.


As a Non-Pro what can I not do?

In regard to remuneration, as a Non-Pro you may not:

  • receive remuneration (pay) to show, train or assist in training cutting horses or cutting horse riders under any circumstance or in any capacity
  • show, train or assist in training a cutting horse in exchange for any goods or services (i.e. feed, rent, cattle use, veterinary bills, transportation for self or horse, etc.)
  • transfer a horse to another non-pro for the sole purpose of sharing expenses

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