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Family-Owned Horse Rule
We are excited to begin 2015 with some great opportunities for our NCHA family, here is the information and form for the new Family Owned Horse Rule, with this new rule relating to horse ownership there will be increased opportunities for family members to show in NCHA classes, it will be necessary for members to submit a Family Registration Form on horses that will be shown by Immediate family members that are not listed on the ownership. The form must be completed prior to the family member showing the horse.

The new Standing Rule 51.a.4 reads as follows: “If a member who holds an NCHA non-professional and/or amateur card publicly exhibits in any contest, whether approved or unapproved, a cutting horse not owned by the member or by the member’s immediate family, as defined herein, said card can be automatically revoked. Additional penalties for ownership rule violations may include loss of Non-Professional/Amateur status for up to life of the member, up to three (3) years suspension from the NCHA, up to a maximum of $10,000 fine. Any other member who aids and abets the rule violator will be subject to the same penalties depending on the severity of the incident.

Consistency gives Sweet Lil Amanda the lead
Sweet Lil Amanda, by High Brow CD, and rider Matt Miller parlayed back-to-back scores of 218.5 into the top cumulative score of 437 points, on Wednesday, the first of three days of Open second go-round competition.

Spookys Catchin Reys, with Gary Gonsalves, was Wednesday’s high-scoring horse with 219 points and tied Cat N Corn, under Casey Green, with 436.5, the day’s second-highest cumulative score.

“I was just glad we got through it, being last in there, without a lot of cows left,” said Miller, after showing last in the sixth set, which produced three of the day’s highest scores. Maximum Royal Flush, also by High Brow CD and shown by Matt Budge, scored 217.5 points as the first horse to the herd, and Boon Too Suen daughter Suen You Will See, with Michael Cooper, scored 217 points to garner the third-highest cumulative score of 435.5 points. Read more . . .

NCHA Medication - Know Before You Show Document Updated
NCHA wants to remind all exhibitors, owners and veterinarians treating horses leading up to the NCHA World Championship Futurity about the medication and welfare rules included in Rule 35A in the NCHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations. NCHA’s medication and drug testing policy has been developed over multiple years to, first and foremost, protect the welfare and prolong the competitiveness of the equine athletes who compete in cutting. Through this policy, NCHA has galvanized its position regarding the safety of the horses and a level playing field for its events.

For complete rules regarding allowable therapeutic medications and forbidden substances, exhibitors, trainers and veterinarians should familiarize themselves with all rules included in the NCHA Handbook. Additionally, NCHA provides a “Know Before You Show,” reference guide for the benefit of members and exhibitors. Please click here to see the updated Know Before You Show.

Prior to this year’s Futurity, the Know Before You show guide has been expanded to include guidelines regarding joint injections (which require a medication report to be filed if using a conditionally permitted corticosteroid within 7 days of competition) and dosing guidelines for permitted nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, which must be within industry and standards for treatment thresholds.

If you or your veterinarian have any questions about allowable/disallowed medications, call Julie Davis at the NCHA office at (817) 244-6188.

Eastern and Western National Championships
Eastern National Championships will be held in Jackson, MS (March 9 - 21, 2015) and Western National Championships will be held in Reno, Nevada (April 26 - May 5, 2015). Make your plans to attend. Schedules will be posted soon.

Purse structure of the NCHA Eastern and Western National Championships was approved by the NCHA Executive Committee at their meeting in Fort Worth on August 25-26.

In response to concerns about costs and decreasing entries at the Four Sixes Eastern and Western Championships, the entry fee for the 2014 point year Championships (held in 2015) has been reduced from $600 to $500. Additionally, all contestants in the horse classes will be allowed to show three horses. All contestants in the rider classes will be able to show two horses. This does not include the Youth classes.

To better position the shows financially, added money for the 2014 point year Championships will be $15,000 per class, an overall reduction from $200,000 to $150,000.

To better support the affiliates, exhibitors will be required to compete at one affiliate-approved show to qualify for the Eastern and Western Championships beginning with the 2015 point year (for the Championships held in 2016).

New NCHA Senior World Tour Presented by Horizon Yachts, Inc.
The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) is pleased to announce the new Horizon/NCHA Senior World Tour to take place during the 2015 point year. The Senior Tour will give open, non-pro and amateur riders who are 60 years of age or older and meet all other NCHA rules regarding status and membership the chance to compete for a Horizon Senior World Championship. Read More

NYCHA Mercuria Logo Design Contest
The Mercuria Committee challenged the NYCHA Mmembers to create a new logo for the 2015 Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting. Read More . . .

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