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Lizzys Gotta Babe wins at El Rancho
Morgan Cromer marked 225 on Lizzys Gotta Babe to win the Mercuria NCHA World Series Open finals at El Rancho Futurity on September 19.

World Champion One Time Choice finished second with Chubby Turner with a 223, and the recent Idaho Mercuria champion, Peptos Chic Olena, finished thrid with Todd Bimat with a score of 222.5.

In the Non-Pro division, Non-Pro Hall of Famer Bill Lacy of Crested Butte, Colorado marked 223on Jay Moss Cougar to win by one point over Katie Fonsen Young on For Instance. Read more . . .

2014 NCHA World Championship Futurity Tickets
Tickets for reserved seating for the Open and Non-Pro semi-finals and finals of the 2014 NCHA World Championship Futurity will go on sale Oct. 1, 2014. Tickets can be purchased by visiting nchashows.com or calling Karen Ficklin (817) 244-6188. Anyone wishing to renew their previous ticket package must do so prior to Oct. 1. General admission tickets will be sold during the event at the NCHA booth, located at the Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall.

Tickets to the NCHA World Open and Non-Pro Finals, to take place in the Watt Arena on Nov. 28 & 29 and Dec. 4 & 6, can be purchased for $10 at the door on the days of the event.

NCHA is supporting neglected horses
The National Cutting Horse Association is working with its directors and members in Colorado to offer all possible assistance to the 10 horses that were found in a state of neglect last week in Black Forest, Colorado.

The horses have now been removed from the property, and NCHA is monitoring local news and will work with its members to aid in a long-term solution to the horses' dilemma.

Members who wish to offer financial support may make a contribution to the NCHA Foundation, designated for the support of these horses.

Nominations open for Zane Schulte Award
In honor and memory of Zane Schulte, the son of Thomas and Barbra Schulte, to be awarded annually to a professional trainer who exemplifies the character by which Zane Schulte is remembered: integrity, service, values, respect of their peers, contribution to the industry and excellence in the arena. Each year's winner is presented with a special bronze Zane Schulte Award trophy at the NCHA Futurity.

Nominations for the 2014 award are open through October 1. Nominate a trainer here.

Updates to Family-Owned Horse Rule and National Championships Entries
Changes to the family-owned horse rule and the entry and purse structure of the NCHA Eastern and Western National Championships were approved by the NCHA Executive Committee at their meeting in Fort Worth on August 25-26.

At the 2014 NCHA Convention, several standing committees recommended changes to the family-owned horse rule. The rule that has been approved by the NCHA Executive Committee contains the same verbiage as AQHA uses. It is an established rule that has proven to work and has increased participation and entries.

Additionally, all age restrictions pertaining to a family-owned horse, have been removed at both the limited age event and weekend level. The updated rule is designed to encourage more participation in the sport.

The new Standing Rule 51.a.4 reads as follows: “If a member who holds an NCHA non-professional and/or amateur card publicly exhibits in any contest, whether approved or unapproved, a cutting horse not owned by the member or by the member’s immediate family, as defined herein, said card can be automatically revoked. Additional penalties for ownership rule violations may include loss of Non-Professional/Amateur status for up to life of the member, up to three (3) years suspension from the NCHA, up to a maximum of $10,000 fine. Any other member who aids and abets the rule violator will be subject to the same penalties depending on the severity of the incident.

“For purposes of this rule ‘immediate family’ shall mean the member’s spouse, child, stepchild, parent, grandparents, grandchild, step-parent, sibling, half-sibling, step-sibling, spouse’s parent, spouse’s step-parent, sibling’s spouse, half-sibling’s spouse, step-sibling’s spouse, sibling’s child, sibling’s step-child, half-sibling’s child, half-sibling’s step-child, step-sibling’s child, step-sibling’s step-child, parent’s sibling, parent’s half-sibling, parent’s step-sibling, parent’s sibling’s child, parent’s sibling’s stepchild, parent’s half sibling’s child, parent’s half sibling’s stepchild, parent’s step sibling child, parent’s step sibling’s stepchild, legal ward or legal guardian.”
An ownership form must be filed with the NCHA office indicating the family relationship between the owner of the horse and the exhibitor prior to showing. This rule will go into effect with the 2015 point year.

Eastern and Western National Championships
In response to concerns about costs and decreasing entries at the Four Sixes Eastern and Western Championships, the entry fee for the 2014 point year Championships (held in 2015) has been reduced from $600 to $500. Additionally, all contestants in the horse classes will be allowed to show three horses. All contestants in the rider classes will be able to show two horses. This does not include the Youth classes.

To better position the shows financially, added money for the 2014 point year Championships will be $15,000 per class, an overall reduction from $200,000 to $150,000.

To better support the affiliates, exhibitors will be required to compete at one affiliate-approved show to qualify for the Eastern and Western Championships beginning with the 2015 point year (for the Championships held in 2016).

Additional Recommendations
The Executive Committee reviewed all of the standing committee recommendations from the NCHA Convention and all of the final rules and recommendations will be distributed as soon as the minutes are completed.

Judges Recertification Seminar

All NCHA approved judges are required to attend at least one Recertification Seminar in 2014. The remaining seminars before the 2014 Futurity are:

  • October 9th at 12:00 noon at the Congress in Columbus, Ohio. (room to be determined)
  • October 14th at 4:00 p.m. (tentative date and time) before the Calgary Stampede Futurity. (room to be determined. All Canadian Judges must attend. Canadian ONLY Judges should contact Kevin Tienkamp for registration.
  • October 20th at 4:00 p.m. (tentative date and time) in Paso Robles, California at the Pacific Coast Futurity. (room to be determined)
  • Make-Up Seminar or The Final Seminar will be held on November 20th (or one day prior to the 2014 Futurity) at the Will Rogers Complex, Fort Worth, Texas. (The exact location and time will be determined).

NCHA Judges who do not attend a recertification seminar in 2014; will no longer be eligible to judge and will be removed from the judges list. All judges who have been removed from the list must wait twelve (12) months before reapplying for a new judge's card. Sign up now.

Nov 20-Dec13
Will Roger Complex
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