$2,000 Limited Rider - February 13, 2006

1 28FL MIGHTY OAK Vicki S Jacobs Vicki Jacobs 5 $6,143.13
2 17PLAYIN ON Melyssa Elliott Melyssa Elliott 39 $2,245.00
3 29 Brandis Langston Brandis Langston 3 $7,552.22
4 48OZARK ROC Angela Taylor Angela & Michael Taylor 29 $2,523.91
5 1FOXS MISS OLENA SAN Jamie Ackerman Jamie Ackerman 31 $2,435.63
6 43GINNY GINNY Kim Rapp Kim Rapp 45 $2,186.91
7 25KANDY DELIVERY Megan J Hunsaker Megan J Hunsaker 15 $3,895.55
8 46HOT BAR DISCO Georgina Sazwan Georgina Sazwan 67 $1,650.64
9 34LIBBY SANDINO LITTLE SANDINO Robert Masterson Robert Masterson 56 $1,811.38
10 42 Scott Plummer Scott Plummer 103 $879.83
11 11MISS KATIE HANCOCK Cassie L Comella Dana Haefner 76 $1,559.65
12 15HAIDAS SALTY BAR HAIDAS LITTLE PEP Pat Curry Pat Curry 7 $5,570.21
13 31MR HOLI DOC OAK Jim Limestall Jim Limestall 70 $1,621.50
14 21FLASHY PLAYGUN PLAYGUN Tony Ferguson II Tony Ferguson II 42 $2,219.29
15 7DUAL LENA SAN DUAL PEP Eddie Bourke John H Johnson 62 $1,778.07
16 18PEPPY JO QUIXOTE DOCS QUIX TRIX Stormy Else Ryan A & Stormy Else 10 $5,148.62

After all go-rounds are complete, earnings or Youth points will be tabulated and World Standings updated. The Top 5 in the World
Standings (including money earned during the point year, and the go-rounds of the World Finals) will advance to the Final round,
 provided they have competed in a go-round of that class. The remainder of the finalists will be determined by the highest combined
scores from the go-rounds.  A total of 15 horses (plus ties) will advance to each class Finals. Class Show Champions will be
determined by the total money won at the World Finals, except for Youth classes, which will be determined by points.