San Antonio kicks off Mercuria NCHA World Series

Mercuria, with "38 offices in 27 countries" or "50 locations on 5 continents", has renewed its support of the National Cutting Horse Association's (NCHA) World Series of Cutting. The Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting enters its fifth year of competition with growing momentum in popularity for the weekend cutting horse competitor.

Offering a total of $50,000 in added money at each series event, the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting has become a highlight of the annual cutting horse competition year attracting highly competitive horses and riders to the event in their quest for NCHA World Champion and Horse of the Year honors.

Offering cutting in an entertaining, fast-paced format, the event has drawn crowds in the thousands from across the United States, and Canada.

“The Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting and the Mercuria NCHA World Championship Finals has become a valued showcase for the seasoned cutting horse,” said NCHA Past President Ernie Beutenmiller Jr. “Along with that, is the opportunity to see the sport expand through the exposure of these veteran horses to a new audience. The growth of the event in Canada and Europe has served as testimony to the global appeal of the sport, as well.”

In the series, horses and riders compete in non-professional or open competition. Mercuria and NCHA add a total of $25,000 to each event, with an additional $25,000 provided by the host organization. A whopping $400,000 in added money will be awarded across the event series, with an additional $200,000 added to the Mercuria NCHA World Championship Finals held in conjunction with the NCHA Futurity in December.

“Joining NCHA in the recognition of these athletes fits the goals of Mercuria in the support of communities in which Mercuria conducts business,” said Mike Redenbaugh, Mercuria, President. “NCHA members are largely rural and the majority live in states where cutting horse competitions thrive.”

Tentative dates for the 2014 Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting have been set.

  • February 8-9, San Antonio Stock Show, San Antonio, Texas
    • Open-R.L. Chartier/A Little Bossy
    • NP-Allie Rogers/Billy Joe Rey
  • February 28 & March 1, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Houston, Texas
    • Open-Boyd Rice/CR Sun Reys
    • NP-Mica Chartier/SL Jaybird
  • June 13-14, PCCHA Derby - Classic Challenge, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Open-Ed Dufurrena/Auspicious Cat
    • NP-Brandon Westfall/Gentle Ben
  • July 7 & 9, Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    • Open-Chubby Turner/One Time Choice
    • NP-Mary Jo Milner/Smooth Asa Zee
  • August 22-24, Las Vegas CHA Futurity, Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Open-Morgan Cromer/Woodys Wildest Cat
    • NP-Constance Jaeggi/Sagurero Ichi
  • August 30-31, Idaho Futurity, Nampa, Idaho
    • Open-Todd Bimat/Peptos Chic Olena
    • NP-Ashely Snider/Sly Chance
  • September 18-19, El Rancho Futurity, Rancho Murrieta, California
    • Open-Morgan Cromer/Lizzys Gotta Babe
    • NP-Bill Lacy/Jay Moss Cougar
  • October 8 & 9, All American Quarter Horse Congress, Columbus, Ohio
    • Open-Chubby Turner/One Time Choice
    • NP-Joe Howard Williamson/Acatbequick
  • November 5-7, American Royal, Kansas City, Missouri