The Weekend Judge Monitor System

The Judges Rules Committee and Executive Board have committed to the new weekend monitoring system which is designed to help, educate and support our weekend judges. This system will go into effect for the 2005 show season which officially starts December 28, 2004.

Each Judge has been assigned a Weekend Monitor. All judges have received a letter from their Monitor along with a chart detailing their duties and responsibilities.

It is important that Show Management and judges understand and appreciate the educational value of this system and use it to their advantage. This system will give the all judges the opportunity to receive the same education that the Limited Age judges have been receiving for years. This is their chance to improve their judging skills by working with their Field Monitor.

The results of the 30 day trial of the system indicated that strict adherence to the format is imperative to our success. This new system will not work without the cooperation of the judges and the Show Management. All judges and Show Management need to take part and be responsible. Late participants and non participants will be dealt with in a serious manner.

The responsibilities of being an NCHA judge, Show Secretary have changed. The criteria have been implemented and all must adhere to the changes for the new system to work.

  • The judge is required to get a copy of the video of the classes that he or she judged and a copy of the judges sheets PRIOR to leaving the show grounds. When there are multiple judges the Show Management should release the tapes and sheets to the lowest ranking judge. If the judges have the same rank then the one with the lowest number of credits will receive the tapes. If a judge fails to pick up their tapes and judge sheets the NCHA office should be contacted immediately. Show Management should NOT mail in the tapes for the judges
  • Judges may review key areas of the video at their discretion. Each judge is required to contact his or her assigned Monitor prior to mailing the tapes and a copy of the judge sheets to the assigned Weekend Monitor. They must be postmarked by the Wednesday following the last day of the show.

Show Management should make sure that their Video Contractors are aware of and are complying with the new requirements PRIOR to the show. Please make sure that the video recorders are set on the long playing (LP) system to assure the minimum amount of tape usage. Please put as many classes as possible on each tape. Shows that supply the judge with tapes that are unacceptable will be fined according to NCHA Show Management Handbook Rule 16 under "Procedures for Videotaping."

NCHA has committed the financial resources to improve our judging. This is an extension of the comprehensive overview that was discussed at the 2004 Judges Clinic. "All Judges need to strive to improve their judging skills and be held more accountable." Extra effort and cooperation from the Judges and Show Management can make a positive difference in judging and to the entire NCHA judging program.