The National Cutting Horse Association: From its small grass root beginnings in 1946, to the stalwart, member-oriented organization it is today, the National Cutting Horse Association has been, and continues to be a trail blazer in the equine industry. With its primary goals being: to promote cutting competition, standardize contest rules, and preserve the cutting horse's heritage, the NCHA provides a remarkable means for cutting horse enthusiast around the world to join in these efforts. More than 1,400 NCHA-approved shows and limited-age events are held annually, with purses totaling more than $35 million, quite different from days of the Old West when cutting was born. The cutting horse has always been and will continue to be a ranch necessity.

On the ranch no rules are needed, and the objective of separating a particular cow from the herd is not done under the watchful eye of a judge. However, it is entirely another story in the contest arena. Thus, standardization of rules during contests is necessary to give contestants as well as spectators a better understanding of what a cutting horse must do and must not do when in the show arena. The NCHA provides the means by which contests are judged by maintaining a point system which gives definite credits and penalties while providing a fair basis for judging cutting horses and their riders. See Past Champions.
The NCHA also produces cutting horse shows in which the many hours of hard work and dollars spent by trainers and owners can be put to test and rewarded, whether with trophy or individual satisfaction. Through sponsor partnerships, the Association is able to produce six major events: the World Championship Futurity, the World Finals, the Eastern National Championships, the Western National Championships, the Super Stakes and Super Stakes Classic, and the Summer Cutting Spectacular. These events while endorsing the sport of cutting also support the community around them. Economic values to host cities are estimated in excess of $70 million for these events, illuminating the importance of the cutting horse and its industry.
One of the world's fastest growing sports, cutting offers tremendous excitement and drama for horse, rider and spectators alike. Just as the sport has grown, the NCHA has grown as well.  In 2005 the National Cutting Horse Association saw membership with a total count of 16,442.  It is because of these dedicated members, the NCHA has been so successful in the cause of the cutting horse. Members consist of people from all walks of life, but each share a true love for the sport of cutting and its horses.

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